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The company was founded in 1976 by the current partners, H. Meitinger and C.M. Fuisting. In continuation of previous experience in electronics and fine mechanics, in the early 80s a development was started: The world's first flexible, camera-assisted feeding and testing system, our ROBO-POT system.

Since then, MRW deals exclusively with this type of opto-electronic based sorting / feeding of bulk workpieces. We are not only the oldest but also the most experienced provider of superior sorting, feeding and deployment tasks.

The product range was always expanding with increased customer demands. From simple sorting / feeder with one or two air nozzles the portfolio grew to complete solutions for demanding sorting and testing tasks with spiral conveyors, line scan camera, turning unit, separating gates, location fuxtures, workpiece storage units and machine tables with noise protection enclosures.

The goal of "one-hand" we have consistently maintained this.

Mechanics, electronics, software, and service: Complete MRW.


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