ROBO-POT Basic System

Application: Sorting sintering bolts

Category: Continuous output

  • Size range: Cylindrical and rectangular parts. Lengths of 5-50 mm, diameter 2-12 mm
  • Number of part types / variants: Dozens...
  • Performance: Depending on the length of the parts up to 300 parts / minute
  • Interface: Open end of belt
  • Challenge:
    • Flexible for future parts
  • Equipment:
    • ROBO-POT
    • Sorting nozzle with descending channel

How it works:

From the spiral conveyor parts are moving onto the MRW camera conveyor belt where they are scanned by the MRW linescan camera, separation and minimum distances are ensured.
Too close successive parts are blown back into the bowl feeder.
parts, scrap, residues are sorted out of the system.
At the end of the belt the parts drop into the GOOD box.

And action! Click on the item below and watch it on YouTube:
(thanks to our english partner Aylesbury Automation)

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