ROBO-POT with color sensor for diverse plastic caps

Application:  Feeding plastic caps in correct orientation


Category: Clocked output

  • Size range: Cylindrical pieces diameter 10 - 15 mm, length 20 - 30 mm
  • Number of part types / variants: 15 types. Similar dimensions but different outlines and colors
  • Performance: 60 parts / minute
  • Challenge:
    • Performance
    • Poor differences between some outlines and colors
    • Some parts almost transparent
  • Equipment:
    • Hopper
    • ROBO-POT
    • Color Sensor (Keyence)
    • 4 separation chambers

How it works:

From the spiral conveyor caps are moving onto the MRW camera conveyor belt where they are scanned by the MRW line scan camera and an additional color sensor from above. Separation, orientation, color and minimum distances are ensured.

Wrong orientated caps, wrong color, too close successive caps and caps that actually cannot be processed (all chambers full) are blown back into the bowl feeder.

At the end of the belt the caps move into the customers machine.

Always the correct type of part, always in correct orientation...

And action! Click on the item below and watch it on YouTube:

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