ROBO-POT with vibrating accumulating track and a Flip-Flop

Application: Provide a single metal contact pin in correct orientation


Category: Clocked output

  • Size range: Cylindrical part with a sqare "collar". Length 27mm and diameter 7mm
  • Number of part types / variants: 1 type
  • Performance: 30 parts / minute
  • Challenge:
    • Correct longitudinal and rotational orientation required. For rotational detection only a small bevel on one corner of the collar is available
  • Equipment:
    • ROBO-POT
    • Rejecting nozzle
    • Linear track for accumulating / buffering a specific amount of parts
    • Flip-Flop separator

How it works:

From the spiral conveyor parts are moving onto the MRW camera conveyor belt where they are scanned by the MRW linescan camera. Separation and minimum distances are ensured.
Too close successive and misoriented parts are blown back into the bowl feeder.
Wrong parts, scrap, residues are sorted out of the system.

Subsequently, the pins are accumulated on a linear track.

At the end of the track a flip-flop (pneumatic NC / NO), which releases a single workpiece on demand.

At the end of the system, the pin is picked up from (customer's) gripper

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