ROBO-POT with location fixture

Application: Metal pistons provided for being fetched by a grabber


Category: Clocked output

  • Size range: Cylindrical workpieces. Length of 20-25 mm and diameter of 5.5-8 mm
  • Number of part types / variants: 2 types
  • Performance: 6 x 3 parts / minute
  • Challenge:
    • Providing 3 workpieces simultaneously
    • Exact positioning
    • Minimum set up time
    • Flexible for future parts
  • Equipment:
    • ROBO-POT
    • 3 pneumatical separation gates with cross-shift function
    • 3-fold location fixture
    • One pneumatical cylinder for fixing the pistons in longitudinal position
    • Machine frame (not shown on the image)

How it works:

From the spiral conveyor parts are moving onto the MRW camera conveyor belt where they are scanned by the MRW linescan camera. Separation and minimum distances are ensured.
Too close successive and misoriented parts are blown back into the bowl feeder.
Useable pistons are transported into the three separating gates, where they are individually held for the next cycle.
Once the nests are free, the pistons waiting in the gates are pushed into the nests, the cross slide goes back immediately and a cylinder pushes the pistons into longitudinal position.
Parallel, the next parts are led into the separating gates.
Once the (customer's) grabber has picked up the pistons, the cycle repeats

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