ROBO-POT with separating gates

Application: Dental drill blanks in single output


Category: Clocked output

  • Size range: Cylindrical workpieces. Length 30-65 mm, diameter 2.36-8 mm
  • Number of part types / variants: Dozens
  • Performance: 40 parts / minute
  • Challenge:
    • Workpieces can not be accumulated, but a buffer of available parts is necessary to fulfill machine cycle time
    • Minimum set up time
    • Variation of the parts
    • Flexible for future parts
  • Equipment:
    • ROBO-POT
    • 4 separating gates. A specialty of MRW: Pneumatically actuated "bars", across the belt, preventing the workpiece continuing running. In front of every bar only one single workpiece, buffered separately, ready for the next cycle

How it works:

From the spiral conveyor parts are moving onto the MRW camera conveyor belt where they are scanned by the MRW linescan camera. Separation and minimum distances are ensured.
Too close successive and misoriented parts parts are blown back into the bowl feeder.
Correct drill blanks are buffered in the separating gates and kept ready for the next cycle.

On request signal, the foremost gate releases its drill blank, all other blanks move to the next gate, the posterior gate will automatically be besieged with a new drill.

At the end of the belt customers machine picks up the blank.

And action! Click on the item below and watch it on YouTube:

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