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Why using a camera based MRW ROBO-POT system?

  • When parts can not be handled with a conventional system. Sorting and feeding is not reliable, too expensive or even not possible
  • When conventional systems are delicate to failure
  • If many different types of workpieces should run on one system
  • If little retooling is demanded
  • If a visual inspection is required
  • If additional handling tasks (turning, separated buffering, positioning, supplying...) are required


There is only one benfit that counts: Saving money. By:

  • Saving time. As less as possible or even no retooling
  • Avoiding failures. As less as possible or even no mechanical manipulation
  • Avoiding errors. Prevent damaged or wrong parts being processed
  • Flexibility. If basic setup does not fit: We can expand it
  • Ease of use. Simple to use three button interface. No PC required
  • Reliability. We can repair or substitute even our oldest systems...
  • Getting help. Our support department helps in every situation


MRW ROBO-POT system. It's not just a component - we create solutions


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