Storage Solutions. Hopper & Co.

Additional storage systems fulfill different requirements:

  • Expanding the time till refilling
  • Improves smoother handling of the parts (less parts in permanent movement)
  • Ergonomic level to fill in

Our storage solutions are usually not "out of the box".

Model, type, features, coating, finishing, etc. depend on the demands of your workpieces.

In conjunction with a ROBO-POT system always equipped with fill level detection of the bowl feeder and control unit FU-01.


Here are some examples:


Standardized hopper

Belt driven. 

Volumes 30, 50, 80 or 200 litres


The most common hoppers in use

Straight belt strap, horizontal mounting above the bowl feeder


Elevating hopper

Belt driven

Volumes customer specific


The most common hopper for ergonomic filling height

  • Belt strap with transversal web ribs


Workpieces shouldn't be too small or too heavy

Storage elevator

A special combination of hopper and elevator belt

Sizes are customer specific


A very favoured solution for heavy parts and big exit heigt

  • Hopper with vibrating or belt drive, elevator with belt drive and fill level sensor
  • The majority of the weight is taken by the hopper which fills the workpieces in "portions" onto the elevator belt


Area Storage

Vibration or belt driven

Volumes customer specific


A very common solution for smooth storage of workpieces

  • Flat and wide to spread the weight of the workpieces over a large area
  • Horizontaly mounted over the bowl feeder
  • In belt driven version with a straight belt strap
  • In vibrating version usually equipped with brush coating
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