VIB-Control 04

The VIB CONTROL 04® is a development from MRW. Born from the same old issue to adapt a mechanical oscillating system to a given frequency. The development started 2001 with the aim to get a controller that adapts itself to the mechanical requirements.
Also, a focus was taken to counter the effect of the fluctuating velocities with fluctuating load conditions. This was previously only possible with external transducers and a dedicated controllers.

Since 2004, after three previous versions, the MRW VIB-CONTROL 04® fits all requirements and enjoys thanks to its compact design, a high level of operating convenience, and tons of useful additional functions.

You are welcome to receive a free sample device to test for a period of 4 weeks. Also, special configurations of the interface or connector types, we can implement in the short term.

Just contact us and see for yourself the characteristics of our MRW VIB CONTROL 04®

You can obtain detailed information under Downloads

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